How To Anticipate To Manage The Fear Of Speaking In Public?

If you suffer from your shyness or feel judged when speaking in front of several people, you certainly know that a good intervention has to be prepared in advance. Certain blockages linked to the fear of speaking in public even require long-term individual work, in order to develop your self-confidence , your ease and to see the stress diminish little by little.

In any case, there are techniques that will allow you to reduce your fear of speaking in public as much as possible . To be effective, they must be put in place at least a few days before the dreaded ordeal.

Tip # 1: locate the place of intervention

Identifying the location in which your speech is going to take place is a very effective process, which requires visualization . Indeed, part of the stress you feel is generated by the unknown . It is a completely human reaction that you can keep away by reducing the unknown elements as much as possible.

Tip # 2: Practice, and Repeat to Control Public Speaking Fear

Practice several times before speaking in public is essential. This is the most effective way to integrate the frame of the speech into your mind. Also, even if you are working on a theme that you master, do not hesitate to put yourself in almost real conditions. To identify your language tics or the times during the procedure when you are not comfortable, you can stand in front of a mirror.

Finally, involve those around you . Ask a colleague or friend to give their most objective opinion on your presentation. Then practice again to work on those little details. This will help you control your fear of public speaking.

Tip # 3: Prepare a support to guide the intervention

Having a presentation medium allows you to structure your intervention and arouse the interest of the audience , thanks to a well-constructed, organized and fluid statement. Indeed, a speech must be logical to capture and maintain the attention of the audience.

It is also a safety net for you. If you don’t have a structure to lean on, you can quickly lose track and create additional stress for yourself.

Faced with the fear of speaking in public , being able to refer to a frame is a precious help. Be careful, this medium must be both hierarchical and concise to allow you to improvise if necessary. Its goal is to get you back on track when you start to lose track.

Concretely, it can take the form of a small card on which you will note the large parts of your presentation in different colors, as well as some essential keywords for example.

Tip # 4: Fight stress with relaxation exercises

Otherwise called stage fright , the stress that we can feel before speaking in front of an audience is a completely normal reaction, which can even push us to surpass ourselves. Stress is the expression of apprehension , of a fear of being judged or of disappointing. In itself, therefore, nothing uncontrollable, provided we do not let it overwhelm us.

To avoid being overwhelmed by “bad” stress, there are a few techniques that should become a habit if you are to speak in public on a regular basis.

The methods developed around relaxation are very effective. The abdominal breathing is a good example, since you can use whenever you need before or during your speech. When you feel the stress rising, breathe in deeply through your nose while pulling in your stomach, then slowly breathe out through your mouth, making it swell. Pay attention to your breath and the movement of your stomach. This exercise allows you to breathe in full awareness, to relax and refocus.